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With advanced technology and quality care, Zental Dental Clinic is able to create beautiful smiles for patients. Below are some of the many happy dental patients and their testimonials about the dental services provided by Zental Dental Clinic Delhi.

Celebrity Testimonials

Cosmetic Gallery Divya Dutta



Apart from world class infrastructure, Zental gentle dental care is also equipped with internationally Zental gentle dental care technologies and the best experts in the country which give enduring and remarkable results. A star performer like me ! Please open a branch in Mumbai.

Cosmetic Gallery Aditya Pancholi



Zental gentle dental care specialists are magician artists, including confidence in smiles. Many thanks to the team Zental gentle dental care.

Cosmetic Gallery Dr.Sharda Arora With Yuvraj Singh

After I had chosen The Dental Rooms for an implant operation, they provided a slick and professional service from start to finish. Everyone was friendly from the receptionist to the surgeon himself, putting me at my ease and explaining the whole process, both initially and then as we went along. Read More

Surgery visit timings were always made to suit me and not them and they gave me the feeling that I mattered and was important to them. The surgery itself is slick, modern and very relaxed and I always felt that I was in capable hands. My dental surgeon, Dr Sharda is clearly a dental perfectionist and clearly proud both of the work she does and the reputation she has established. She has every right to be so.

Cosmetic Gallery Bhagwant Mann

Chief Minister, Punjab
During his erstwhile days


My dental experience has changed my life in so many ways. Previously I used to fear going to a dentist because of all the pain that I had to suffer. But on my visit to performer like me ! Please, my entire thinking changed. The services, the treatment facilities and the individual care are just fantastic! Read More

Cosmetic Gallery Ramola Bachchan

Would like to say that I was very happy and pleased with my treatment results with Dr. Sharda Arora at the Zental gentle dental care clinic. The state of art technology and the services have been simply amazing. Must say better than London & US top clinics I have visited.

Cosmetic Gallery R.J Nitin

Ulta Pulta Nitin, famous Delhi Radio Jockey


The mind blowing accuracy of robotic space age machines they have achieved great results for me. Now I joke more condently on radio.

Cosmetic Gallery Jassi

Famous Singer –“Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di”


My dental treatment has been a life changing experience. Not only were the entire team at Zental gentle dental care reliable and professional, but most importantly they were empathetic, comforting and had the ability to overcome any fears that I had at any point in time. I could not more highly Read More

recommend Dr. Sanjay Arora for this procedure. Each morning nowadays, when I wake up and run my tongue over my beautiful teeth, my gratitude pours more and more for him and the work he has done.

Cosmetic Gallery Ajitabh Bachchan

Most excellent and Best Dental Clinic in Delhi, India or probably the World. I have had access to top dental implant clinics in India or dental centers around the World in the most advanced Nations but this was the most awesome experience. Painless Implants, Best Sterilization, very clean, very professional are the adjectives I would like to use. Read More

Added benefit, I discovered TMJ Dentistry and got my cervical pain and vertigo cured as a bonus. This is the best dental clinic in India definitely. And I got implants done too. This is definitely the best dental implant clinic in India and Best in TMJ Disorder cure clinic too in India. I got complete pain relief. I am also extremely happy with my Smile Makeover Treatment.

Cosmetic Gallery Maninder Singh

Famous Cricketer

I have been to Dr. Sanjay several times now; I really needed a best dental clinic in Delhi or dentist that I could trust. I was so satisfied with the results of my dental work; I won't go to any other dentist. The office was really professional and clean. The technology that you see inside the dentist chair was out of this world. Loved to talk with Dr.Sanjay, Read More

and the rest of staff there, they are so friendly and caring, about your well being so much.

Cosmetic Gallery Naseer Abdullah

Famous Actor

What an amazing dentist! Dr. Sanjay Arora and his staff are very friendly and passionate about their work and greeted me the second I walked in. The office is beautiful and CLEAN! Very modern and updated.Thanks! Definitely check him out and visit his website. So now I can tell boldly that it’s a best dental treatment clinic in Delhi.

Cosmetic Gallery Ravi Bopara

Famous Cricketer Kings XI Punjab IPL

I recently switched from another dentist and am more than happy. The dentist Dr.Sanjay Arora and Dr.Sharda Arora are so nice. And a big thing for me was that I didn't feel like they wanted to do unnecessary procedures. Which other offices I have been to I always felt was happening. The office is very clean and modern. Read More

I recommended this clinic to be a best dentist in south Delhi. I highly recommend them.

Cosmetic Gallery Arti Mehra

Ex-Mayor of South Delhi

Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional dental care. My last dentist retired and I was nervous about selecting my future dental care professionals. After selecting Zental Dental, I feel compelled to send you a note to let you know how great my experience was. Keep up the great work! Best dental clinic in South Delhi.

Cosmetic Gallery Dr.Sanjay Arora With Neeraj Pandey

Writer & Director of A Wednesday

I would like to sincerely thank the whole team at Zental Dental Implant Clinic in Delhi. Taking the alternative of having implants could be very stressful. It became an easy decision when I met Dr. Sharda and her staff. I could feel the respect that every member Read More

of the staff had for each other, and the confidence and artistic approach all demonstrated. On each visit the staff showed great patience and empathy, and always worked with me to make everything right. This gave me an ability to trust the process and look forward to the outcome. And the outcome was wonderful!

Cosmetic Gallery Dr.Sanjay Arora With Pl Lamba

Thank you for giving me fantastic straight teeth. I cannot tell you how much my confidence has grown. I wish you all the best success.