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Smile Designing CAD/CAM

Do I want a great looking Smile?

Actually a - big YES.

Why do you want a great looking smile?

Umm…… I will look good; actually I don’t mind looking sexy. It attracts people to me; make me look cute and attractive.

How badly do I want it?

Ummm…… actually I am too busy in my life but yes I miss it, actually if it’s easy, simple and not too much of a trouble and suits my pocket why not.

But I am sure only great doctors with great machines only touch my Teeth and Smile.

Great, you have reached the correct place. Let me tell you why…

We are Zental-Gentle Dental Care, as the name implies, it’s driven by values of peace and esthetics. We take utmost care in holistically looking at your entire face and persona and design a smile for you. We named it Zensational Smile.

A Zensational smile can be created by any one or more of the following:

  • (Smile Designing)Veneering/Thineers/Capping- we recommend it more as it can impact your chronic body pains. Please visit our Sanora Division for more details. It may be in Ceramics/Procera/Zirconia. Also called as Functional smile designing. This may be needed on one to fourteen teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening.
  • Botox/Surgery for gummy smiles.
  • Dimple creation.
  • Botox for drooping corners of lips during smiling.
  • Dimple correction on chin during speaking/smiling/laughing.
  • Thinning of lower face by Botox, or Functional smile design.
  • Lip fillers.
  • Removing frown lines and wrinkles by Botox.
  • Tooth Reshaping.
  • Tooth jwellery.
  • Orthodontics.
  • Facial asymmetry correction-Epigenetics.

Smile Designing

At Zental, It’s driven by Art and CAD/CAM Science, a 3D Digital smile concept. We are the proud first owners in India of a very advanced mean machine called as Sirona Blue CAM CAD/CAM. A machine which is robot as well as it stores pre fed Designer smiles from Italian and other top Master Ceramists from World over.

Teeth are prepared, to receive the Thineer (a super thin veneer that may not require any tooth preparation), Veneer or a Crown, and a sleek camera shaped like a pen, is used by the Doctor to click pictures of your teeth, rather than using messy impression material, saving discomfort and two hours to make chair side “smile designing” possible.

Hand held camera, eliminating need of messy impressions.

This gives a beautiful and scientifically impeccable picture of teeth on which a cap/crown/veneer can be milled in less than six minutes instead of normal seven days.

A CAD/CAM image
And a command is sent to the Milling unit which is fed with a Ceramic/Zirconia Block and in in less than six minutes the required prosthesis is milled.
A ceramic/Zirconia Block
A milling unit
Milling Unit at Zental.
Milled Zirconia/Ceramic caps/crowns, in less than six minutes instead of normal seven days-post firing cycle.
A close up of Precision Milling in progress.
Camera Acquisition unit & Designer smile provider at

A finished case in 6 hours.

Advantages of 3D Digital Smile designed on Sirona CAD/CAM.

Why have a great smile?

  • Increased partner acceptance.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Better job opportunities.
  • Less self-consciousness.
  • Increased acknowledgement.
  • Increased participation in life.


All Medical procedures have some degree of failure/side-effects and harms, but they are only suggested when doing them is more beneficial considering entire socio-economic framework and opportunities for the patient. It’s essentially an elective procedure.

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