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With advanced technology and quality care, Zental Dental Clinic is able to create beautiful smiles for patients. Below are some of the many happy dental patients and their testimonials about the dental services provided by Zental Dental Clinic Delhi.

Dental Testimonials

Satisfied customers speak about their treatment and vouch for the outstanding quality and expertise of the specialist doctors at Zental Dental Clinic in their dental testimonials.

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Cosmetic Gallery Mr. Karl Heinz

Scientologist, Uk


I have seen a lot of dentists in my life, but I never experienced such a dedication & care to get the ultimate product & satisfaction for the patient and that too at a fraction of price.

Cosmetic Gallery Tatjana Kunze

Oh we’d lot of fun touring, shopping and getting my treatment done. Even stayed at the doctor’s house. Visited India second time for mine and my daughter’s treatment. We saved lot of money at Zental Dental, New Delhi.

Cosmetic Gallery Ms. Gisela

Scientologist, UK


Whenever I needed support the entire team at Zental Dental was there even treating me at my hotel room. I think the treatment was very competent and cost effective. I visited them twice and referred lot of friends.

Cosmetic Gallery Shalini & Raj Gupta

Estridge Regent Strt, London


I would like to thank you for the good work doctors at Zental have done on my teeth, it’s good to have a dentist that gives you personal touch and takes time to explain what they are doing and makes you feel at ease.

Cosmetic Gallery Dr Muntazir Ali

Dental practice, Heathrow


I treat a lot of rich & famous Indians at my facility in Harrow & Healthrow & I was initially hesitant to send my patients for implants to India because some wanted to see the level of known how doctors at Zental exhibited. I now support in U.K. for back end operations.

Cosmetic Gallery Arun Malia

Dear Dr. Sanjay,
on the treatment… following is the sequence of events / feedback, so you know :
Immediately after I came back, the place where the implant was put – healed very quickly.
The bone area where the extraction was done :The nerve above the jaw hurt for quite some time. The swelling took 2 to 3 weeks to subside.Read More

Now both good. Stitches : I had planned to have them cut 10 days after the treatment. About half the stiches came off on their own around the 8th – 9th day. ( Not sure if that is normal ? ) . I just spat them out. The rest I got cut out on the 11th day. All ok – No issues there.

Ulcers : there was one inside my lower lip and another on the inside of the cheek. Both last for a more than 2 weeks and caused discomfort. Then a friend told me to take Folic acid tablets. I took 2 small tabs twice a day. Within 4 days – all gone and clear and I could start eating normal food again.

about 10 days after treatment I had a small boil on my ear…. which in turn also hurt the nerve on the side on my face. Lasted for about a week and then subsided. All good now. Just mentioned it as did wonder if it was due to the bite readjusting.

The bite : No problem at all – Dr Shipli is a ” rock star “. Its feels well balanced and am very comfortable.

Concern ? : In the first couple of weeks, I could feel very tiny particle in my mouth from time to time ( Like fine sand ). Was this part of the crowns rubbing off ? Is this normal ? Now a days I find at times a small whitish colour ball made of ‘ paste’ like substance in my mouth. Maybe to 1 to 1.5 mm in dia. Soft like rubber. Initially I thought it was remains of food. Now I wonder if it is a fine shaving from the crowns collecting together to form a ball. Would that mean that the material used is not hard enough ? Is this normal ? Do let me know.

Snoring : The 1st 10 days there was no difference at all – that I came to know of at least. After that for next say 2 to 3 weeks there were times when there was no snoring at all and other days when there was still loud snoring. Now the snoring stands improved tremendously !! If you want a feed back on percentage improvement. I would say 70 to 80 pct better ?

I thank you for this. I was very skeptical at first but dad convinced me. Now I am saying it has worked indeed !

Once again I wish to put on record that Dr Shilpi is fantastic. The patience and dedication with which she works is commendable. The credit offcourse goes to her mentor and guide. My sincere thanks to the both of you.

Cosmetic Gallery S P Jain

Ticketing & Aviation, UK


I was referred by my dentist from U.K. Dr. Ali and some relatives to Dr. Arora at Zental Dental, when I wanted more cost effective & equally competitive treatment & thats what I got.

Cosmetic Gallery Varun Sharma

It was a nice treatment.I got the implants done and overall Smile and tooth alignment was done.The behavior of the doctor was very nice. Overall it was a nice ambiance.

Sr Abdullah Haiwad

I have been a patient of Dr Sharda Arora for over 20 years, but since 1998 i left India and never came back. While i was in the UK i had a Greek dentist in Wood Green, but having your treatment with Dr Sharda Arora is a new world of experience in dentistry. I am visiting India for some other reason I looked up on the internet and I found her name and address. I called and made an appointment. Read More

For the past two days she has been going through a hell of trouble to fixed what hasn't been since 1998. I showed Dr Sharda Arora some of the filling she did some 20 years ago and it is still intact, when I showed them, jokingly she said, it is not good for my business. But this is a compliment for her excellent treatment she provide to her clients.


Visited For Implants

Dr. Sharda is an extremely gentle and caring dentist. I am extremely happy about having her treat me. She is someone you can completely trust with any kind of procedure you may naturally dread otherwise-like an implant or a root canal. Her hand is soft yet strong and accurate. The great thing is also that she explains what's happening very well Read More

and is willing to listen to you with a lot off patience. Also, she would never suggest any unnecessary treatmentsbor procedures- which is sadly the practice of several. In would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a dentist! You are in safe trustworthy and professional hands.

Gautam Vivek

Visited For Bps Dentures

I have been visiting the clinic for over 15 years and have experienced cutting edge technology in dentistry at work. I have benefitted from their exceptional knowledge, skill and commitment. The fillings, bridges have lasted for years much beyond normally expected. Root canals have been most smooth and painless experience. The services combined with great ambience and most polite and helpful staff makes it perhaps the finest dental clinic in the country.

Mr Phurbu Tobgyal

Visited For Dental Implants

I went to Zental dental clinic for implant surgery. Dr.Sharda performed with great care and skill in what is a complex procedure. She was patient, approachable and answered any queries in a clear and easy to understand manner.the premises are plus and superbly equipped, with hygiene a priority. I have recommended Dr Sharda and the staff to my friends.

Ms Samira Popal

Visited For Dental Implants, Smile Design

The doctor explained in details all the process of planting and providing awarenec about the product which made my life easier. This is the bestest dental implant clinic in India.I recommend afghan people to come and consult Dr Sharda Arora for smile designing. Thanks for good treatment and friendly beavior of all support staff.

Mr juma Gul

Visited For Implant Tooth Fixing

I would like to say that the Zental dental care clinic is one of my favourit clinic entire the india . When I came to this clinic we did not face any problem as every one was friendly with us and still they are. I hope that remains the same. Thank you

Miss Mansi Jain

Visited For Teeth Reshaping

It has always been a wonderful and satisfying experience. The problems are always solved.thanks to Dr Sharda and her wonderful staff.


Shes the best dentist ever! My procedure was painless and the doctor took great care of my needs.. There were follow up calls from the clinic to track my recovery.. Dr. sharda herself also called me once to see how i was doing! Hence, best dentist ever!

Ms Raqooba

Visited For Smile Design

Dream come true.
Thank you very much for giving me sensational smile.I will recommend Kashmir people to come to Zental dental clinic.

Ms Aashita Chopra

Visited For Extractions

Very good and amazing work Done with perfection and ease.I have been under her supervision for more than 2 years now and will be here for whatever dental issues I have.


Visited For Scaling

She is very good dr. I am satisfied with the treatment .I am very old patient of Dr Sharda. Environment is very good.

Mr Arjun Lal Sindwani

Visited For Implants

Implant done ........I am satisfied.... I have been to lots of dentist but not seen like sharda .....coming from last 20 yes.

Mr Kuku

Visited For Implants

Bestest dentist ever seen ambience is excellent.... Her much satisfied ....I have not seen dentist like Dr sharda.... Thanks.