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Nobel Biocare Dental implants In Delhi

Nobel Biocare

Based on Brands that we have:

  • Nobel Biocare-7 Varieties
  • Dentsply-2 varieties
  • Alpha Bio
  • KOS-3 varieties
  • Adin
  • Basal Implants
  • Bicon Implants- the shortest implants for areas where there is very less bone.

Based on stages of treatment:

Single Stage Implant- One piece implant, no screw loosening or breakage. Disadvantage- higher chances of failure.

Two stage implant- two piece implant, allows adjustment of angulations, whenever angulations are a challenge. Disadvantage-screw loosening and screw breakage which may lead to sacrificing the implant.

Based on Design Characteristics:

  • Platform Switch. Top surface of implant has a gentle curve or the abutment that is the part 2 of the implant is of narrower dimension than what is required. Former is preferred by us. Advantage it preserves the bone (alveolar bone). The former is called as the “bone platform switching”.
  • Non Switch.

Nobel Biocare, Nobel Biocare Dental implants In Delhi, Nobel Biocare Dental implants

No. 2 image demonstrates a conical part at the top, which is a bone platform switch.

Based on Anchorage with abutment:

  • One piece
  • Morse Taper
  • Screw
  • Double lock

Nobel Biocare Dental implants are from the world’s first manufacturer of modern dental implant – the NOBEL BIOCARE (Sweden). These widely popular implants from the world’s number one implant company are very good, time tested and available internationally.

NobelReplace – A Versatile, Easy-To-Use, Predictable Implant.

Nobel Biocare Dental implants In Delhi, Nobel Biocare Dental implantsNobelReplace is the world’s most used implant system and has achieved this by performing well in all indications, through its ease-of-use, and due to its wide range of prosthetic options:

Is suitable for all indications

Nobel has 7 systems, some of them are

  • Nobel Replace
  • Nobel Groovy
  • Nobel Active
  • Nobel Direct
NobelReplace performs well for all indications including soft and hard bone, one- and two-stage surgical protocols, flapless and flapped procedures, and immediate and delayed loading procedures.

Is exceptionally easy to use

NobelReplace accommodates the needs of starting and experienced implant users alike. It offers color-coded design for safety, predictability, and efficiency: all implants, drills, screw taps, implant drivers, cover screws, abutments, and surgical kits are color-coded to ensure easy identification during placement and restoration. What’s more, it features an exceptionally easy-to-use prosthetic connection that is color-coded, provides tactile feedback and offers a choice of three positions, so it is easy to reposition.

Accommodates a wide range of prosthetic options

NobelReplace offers access to Nobel Biocare’s industry-leading CAD/CAM individualized, temporary and prefabricated prosthetic assortments.

Features TiUnite and Groovy

Nobel Biocare, Nobel Biocare Dental implants In DelhiNobelDirect® nobel direct implantTheNobelDirect dental implant is a one-piece design thus enables variability in vertical placement and easy procedural placement with less grinding. NobelDirect™ is the ultimate form of simplicity and tissue friendliness, taking implants even closer to traditional crown and bridge therapy.Nobel Biocare Dental implants, Nobel Biocare The implant is machined from a single piece of titanium, incorporating both implant body and an integral fixed abutment. The procedure is easy and very efficient: in one appointment is not only surgery performed but a provisional crown is also in place( in case it is a immediate load procedure, which is subject to a minimum 40 N rotational force ability of implant to take). Patient discomfort is much reduced due to the less invasive procedure. Historically implants have been associated with a time consuming surgical procedure. This is no longer the case with NobelDirect™. Using the one-piece design, most often the surgery can be made flapless, with minimal surgical invasion. In most situations the implant can be inserted and used immediately, based on the refined treatment protocol and the unique implant surface, TiUnite™. Immediate Function makes it easy for both patients and dentists: Implants become a natural adjunct to teeth and the patients get immediately restored teeth – and immediate quality of life. The Immediate Function procedure with Nobel Biocare implants is clinically proven and the success rates are similar to those of conventional implant protocols. The results from these studies show that Immediate Function is possible in all oral regions and the following should be considered when performing the treatment. The result is that the patient leaves the chair with teeth in place after a short and non-traumatic surgery with a minimum of post-operative reactions. This new modality provides enhanced patient satisfaction and simplifies the work of the treatment team.

Dentsply Implants

  • XIVE

Nobel Biocare Dental implants In DelhiWe prefer Ankylos over Xive because it has a platform and bone switch and a dual lock by causing cold weld of the screw with the walls of its well, and a screw lock as well, hence giving a dual protection to screw loosening and the risk of screw breakage. This dual protection given by it makes it our favorite implant in higher range of prices.

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