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Sirona Laser

This is a new diode dental laser in the market—the SIROLaser by Sirona. Diode lasers are not new to laser dentistry, but what separates this laser from other dental diode lasers is that the Sirona Laser is much more compact than comparable diode lasers, while providing optimum performance in periodontal, surgical, and endodontic procedures. That is just slightly larger than the remote control for your cable television.

Sirona Laser, Sirona Laser in delhi, SIROLaserSIROLaser’s periodontal and endodontic applications are removal of granulation tissue, sulcular debridement and sterilization, and pulpotomies. Contact surgical procedures performed by SIROLaser include gingivectomy, operculectomy, frenectomy, gingival contouring, implant uncovering, lesion removal, and troughing for impression taking, while providing the optimum in hemostasis. Contact use includes treatment of apthous ulcers, herpetic lesions, and tooth desensitization at the CEG.

Sirona Laser, Sirona Laser in delhi, SIROLaserThe advantages of using this diode laser are precise cutting and removal of soft tissue, with slight damage to the surrounding tissue, excellent coagulation and hemostasis, maintaining a clear view to the operative field, low scarification, less post-operative or post-surgical discomfort, overall faster healing, and often times local anesthesia is not required for treatment.

Sirona Laser comes complete with safety goggles for the dentist, and the patient.

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